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  • Introduce students to engineering and scientific world through; naming of inventions, year of invention, the inventor as well as the impact of such invention on the society.
  • Scientific explanation of certain events in nature and human theories such as earthquake, solar system, rain formation, soil formation, compound formation, volcanoes, thunder striking/lightening, wind turbine, floatation and so on.
  • Naming of tools, equipment and electrical panels, signs and uses such as transistors, capacitors, transformer, cable, sensors, rotors, electrodes, soldering lead, soldering iron and so on.
  • Practical include: reaction of coke and menthos, volcanic eruption, test to show presence of starch in leaf, tips on home electrification/wiring, conversion of light to heat energy using a converging lens, procedure on biogas production, soap making, disinfectant, candle and body cream.
  • Training/coaching of students for external science competitions such as Olympiad (Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the senior and basic science, Math and informatics), Cowbellpedia, Mathematical Association of Nigeria (MAN competition), NNPC National Quiz Competition, SPAK National Science Competition and other State science competitions.


The Press Club is an extracurricular which generally has to do with students gathering, evaluating and distributing facts of current interest. The Press Club is in charge of information dissemination in the school, publication of the monthly bulletin, production of the school year book. Diversity of interest in students birthed the club to provide students with the means of professional, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities. It is an avenue to brainstorm ideas, define purpose and goals in other to get the best out of our students. Students in the Press Club are responsible for giving information on upcoming events and briefings, weekly publications on the press board in the school premises, periodic news release on the website, press club exhibitions on term basis, covering of school events. This will help develop students to become professionally engaged and interested in different branch of journalism which might be in print media, broadcasting and more recently, there have been journalists in the digital space.


The Art and Crafts Club is a place for students to practice and hone in on their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other students like themselves, create bonds through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school. Arts and crafts is usually a hobby and some of our students enjoy arts and crafts and these students may learn different skills such as woodworking, wood carving, sewing, or making things skillfully with all sorts of material. Arts and crafts describe a wide variety of activities involving the students making things with their own hands.