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The madrash program holds during the weekend and is compulsory for all Muslim students.


  • To be able to read Al-quran correctly with Tajweed
  • To be able to read and write in Arabic Language
  • To be able to converse in Arabic language
  • To have a better understanding of the Islamic religion

Madrasah Classes

  1. Pre-elementary (For those unable to read the Qur’an at all)
  2. Elementary (For those able to read the Qur’an but with difficulty)
  3. Middle (For those able to read the Qur’an passably but without tajwid)
  4. Capable 1-3 (For those able to read the Qur’an with tajwid but need to improve)

Students are assessed to determine their placement in the Madrasah. A student in SS2 may be placed in the madrasah pre-elementary class based on their previous achievement in Arabic and Qur’an recitation.

Language of Instruction in the Madrasah

Arabic and English Language

Subjects Taught in the Madrasah

  1. Arabic language
  2. Al-Khat (Handwriting)
  3. Al-Kitabah (Writing skill)
  4. Al-Qira’ah (Reading Skill)
  5. Al-fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)
  6. Tafsir (Explanation of Al-Quran)
  7. Tarikh/Sirah (History)
  8. Tajweed (Science of Qur’an recitation)