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  • Integrity and discipline will never be compromised
  • Morality will always be emphasized
  • Ambience of the College must be conducive to learning and inculcation of good character
Parents, Guardians and Public
  • Always to be treated with courtesy
  • To be accorded the right to participate in decision making in the College provided this will not lead to the contravention of government regulations/directives or inhibit the discretion of the College
  • Only qualified and competent persons will be employed
  • Emphasis will be on integrity and discipline
  • There will be a career path for every employee
  • Teachers must have professional qualification
  • A person can only teach a subject they studied at the tertiary level
  • Duties and responsibilities must be discharged efficiently
  • Promotion will be strictly by merit
  • Staff training re-training to be given priority
  • Staff welfare will be a major instrument of motivation and this will include competitive salaries, consumption loan, car loan, housing loan and full sponsorship to hajj.
  • Admission and placement in class will be strictly based on merit
  • Integrity and discipline must be imbibed and demonstrated at all times
  • There is zero tolerance for exam malpractice
  • Religious observances are compulsory
  • Promotion to next class is strictly based on merit
  • Every student must be encouraged to focus on what they wish to become in life and be assisted in this pursuit
  • Students must comport themselves in a disciplined and pleasant manner always
  • The hostel must be made a home away from home