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H.O.D Quality assurance unit

The quality assurance unit (QAU) is responsible for ensuring that the institution is meeting its goals and objectives related to quality. This includes developing and implementing policies, procedures, and systems to ensure that the institution’s programs, services, and facilities are of the highest quality.
The QAU in an institution typically works closely with various departments and stakeholders to identify areas where improvements can be made. They gather data, conduct audits, and evaluate performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of the institution’s quality management systems.
In a school the QAU may be responsible for ensuring that academic programs meet accreditation standards and that faculty members are qualified and effective. They may also monitor student satisfaction and retention rates and conduct surveys to gather feedback from students.
Overall, the QAU in an institution plays a critical role in ensuring that the institution is providing high-quality programs, services, and facilities that meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

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