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Online Entrance Examination Instructions

This online examination uses modern technologies in order to work effectively. While most newer browsers and devices have these technologies enabled, older browsers and devices may not be able to load this online examination. Hence, you need to check if IQRA College, Ilorin online examination works on your system by clicking on this demo If this demo loads successfully, then you will be able to view the questions of the online examination successfully. You can attempt this test as many times as you want!

Here are a few guidelines on what kind of browser/device to use for IQRA College, Ilorin online examination:

▪ On iPhone and iPad: Use Safari (at least version 13, or higher)

▪ On Windows, Android, Macbook and other devices: Use Google Chrome Browser (at least version 83, or higher)

▪ Updated Browser: If your device has a lower version of the browser, update the browser to the latest version. If you cannot update it to the versions mentioned above, you will have to upgrade your Operating System. If that also doesn’t work, you will have to try a different device.

▪ Good hardware specifications: While we cannot specify all the hardware requirements, it helps to have a phone or laptop that isn’t more than 3 years old. The technology in use for IQRA College, Ilorin online examination is constantly monitoring your camera and audio feeds, and is running Artificial Intelligence algorithms on them. That requires a lot of processing power. It is important that your device can handle it.

▪ Change device: Unfortunately, if IQRA College, Ilorin online examination is not working on a given device, there is nothing we can do from our end. You will have to change your laptop or smartphone. Your device may be running all other sites like Facebook and YouTube perfectly, and still not be able to run on the technology used for this online examination.

Google Accounts

▪ You need to create a gmail account to participate in this online examination.

▪ If you have multiple Google Accounts on your device, log out of the accounts before starting the online examination by clicking here.

▪ Then, log in with the current Google Account to be used for the online examination. Do not use Incognito or Private mode.


▪ There is a timer on the right. Click on the timer. It will disappear. Click there again. It will appear.

▪ This timer offers the candidates the duration of the online examination.

▪ Candidates cannot start the online examination until the time stated (9.00am)

▪ Candidates will not have access to the questions when the time elapses (2.00pm)

Submit Buttons

▪ Once the examination question loads, you will see two Submit buttons, a Purple Submit button at the bottom, and a Green Submit button at the top.

▪ On completion of the examination questions, you must first click on the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, and then click on the Green “Click After Submitting Test” Button at the top. 

▪ If you forget to click the Purple Submit Button at the bottom, all your answers will be lost! So, ensure that you click on the Purple Submit button at the bottom.

▪ Once you click on the Green “Click After Submitting Test” Button, it is an indication that you have finished the examination and this message should appear on your screen: Test Completed. Congratulations! Your test has been submitted. You may now close this window.

Multiple Attempts

On the basis of issues surrounding network, this online examination offers candidates:

▪ three attempts to try to have access to the examination questions.

▪ once examination questions are accessible, candidates’ attempt is just once.


This online examination is being monitored and the technology used will:

▪ monitor camera and microphone of the device. Candidates must use devices that are camera and microphone enabled.

▪ check the location of the candidates for appropriate illumination.

▪ Detect when candidates switch tabs on the browser or moves to a different application.

▪ Track the number of people looking at the questions on the screen.

▪ Detect when the background noise is loud.

▪ Snap and store random photos throughout the examination.

▪ Use the above points to store evidence of examination malpractices during the examination

▪ Provide a trust score for the candidates which will be used alongside the examination score to offer admission.

Call 08039447200 / 08056646541 or send a mail to for more information/clarification.


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